Enter the world of Cooper, your typical Zoomer, juggling life’s challenges, quietly seeking freedom, and concealing a gentle affection for his classmate, Lucy. Cooper thrives in the virtual gaming world, but in reality, he often stumbles. His world flips upside down when a routine delivery job takes an unexpected twist. A chain of extraordinary events – a solar flare, a satellite disruption, and the firing up of a super server – abruptly propels him into the exhilarating expanse of the Metaverse.

Without warning, Cooper finds himself among his online allies, the Bored Apes, immersed in their endless, grand celebration in the lavish Swamp Mansion. Enchanted by their unending merriment, Cooper makes it his mission to be a part of the Bored Apes, a challenge that demands the minting of his unique virtual avatar. However, the Metaverse is not a place without danger. As Cooper delves into the avatar creation process, he uncovers a devious plot targeting the Swamp Mansion.

Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-fueled game play where automated combat mechanics intertwine with Cooper’s missions, requiring cunning strategy and swift decision-making to navigate the threats that loom.


  • BAYC: #6542, #2516, #3167, #3906, #9002, #9169, #7199
  • MAYC: #16334, #15033, #28005, #23084
  • BAKC: #9169, #2516

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